About You

Does this sound like you?

I love to travel. I want to travel more.
I don't always have people to go on trips with. It would be great if I could find other cool, fun travelers of similar age who also love to travel.
I'm a bit of a picky traveler. I'm not interested in the usual, touristy vacations. I'm looking for more unique trips that are different from the standard canned vacation packages. And I prefer to travel responsibly by patronizing local businesses and supporting eco-friendly practices. Minimizing my impact when I travel and helping the communities I visit is something I can get behind.
I don't have time to plan a great vacation... it's a lot of work and time-consuming to get all the details right. And, a unique, custom trip costs too much (doing it on my own rather than getting a cost break with a small group of fellow travelers).
While I don't need the highest luxury trip, I also don't want the cheap end of the vacation spectrum with so-so hotels and the same unimaginiative touristy tour. I'd rather go on a high-quality vacation with great accommodations, restaurants, ground transportation, guides, and a thoughtful, unique itinerary, and at a reasonable, fair price.
If any of that resonated with you, then you found your people! This is exactly where you need to be for all your future travel plans!

Why Group Travel? Is it for you?

Why would you consider traveling with a group of people you may not know? Group travel is a great option for those who want to travel, but don’t want to travel alone and are interested in meeting new people & making new friendships. These days, many people move to new places for work and may not have the same sort of social network they had where they used to live. Or, there is no one available because you and your friends are hitting/changing life stages at different times, e.g., being married with or without kids versus being single/divorced/empty-nester. Or, maybe you have a ton of local friends, but they are too busy in their own lives to make the same level of time commitment to travel as you want to... or simply aren't interested in traveling.
There is something exciting, inspiring & liberating when traveling with folks who you didn't previously know. Taking advantage of the opportunity to meet new people, particularly fellow Gen Xers who share your love of travel, typically results in fun travel companions to vacation with regularly. And, more often than not, ends up in you having really good friends!
Now, along with new people, add in the fact that you're exploring new places and adventures together. Just think about how you feel when you go to a new place and experience new scenery, new sights, new cultures, new food, etc. If you are like many, these new experiences help you grow as a person expanding your horizons beyond your current, limited comfort zone. You'll find you've taken your travel experience to a whole new amazing level!
Still unsure is group travel is for you? Check out some of our Testimonials from people who went, took the leap and went on one (or several) of our groups trips before knowing the people they were traveling with. Based on much experience & observation, we have seen many friendships blossom from our travels both local and far!