In Search of a Logo – Our Adventure Ostriches and an Artist from Brooklyn, NY

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When it comes to creative endeavors, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a solid one on a creativity scale of 1 to 10. So, it wasn’t too surprising that in-house ideas for a logo did not span much beyond variations of the usual travel logo images – airplane, the earth, suitcase, etc. None of our ideas really piqued our own interest or got us excited. And getting a logo design from the pros reflecting the fun & unqiueness that is Gen X Travel proved to be much harder than it should be.

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7 Great experiences that will make you fall in love with Morocco


Narrowing Morocco's abundance of incredible destinations down to a short list is nothing short of difficult. Packed full of colorful bazaars, breathtaking palaces, and bustling town squares, Morocco is also famous for its natural beauty, of golden beaches to magnificent arid landscapes, making the possibilities for adventure endless. Our Morocco trip was designed to showcase the best of this colorful country's diversity and intruiging sights and regions. The trip is a great example of the type of adventure travel we do, as well as our philosophy of non-touristy and unique travel. Here are seven amazing highlights of our Moroccan adventure.

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The Genesis of Gen X Travel Club – Part 2 of 2: YOLO is Gen X

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The new small group trips & non-touristy travel initiative dubbed YOLO (You Only Live Once) World Travel was humming along – a few super fun trips each year full of smiles, laughs and adventure. And all was good. However, there seemed to be an opportunity to improve the travel experience. While all of our trips went well, as they were high quality and well-planned. One of the insights from the initial days with YOLO World Travel was that it might be better to have people travel together who are in the same general age bracket. 

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Getting to know Stowe, Vermont

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Stowe, Vermont, was the location for our yoga retreat in August - a perfect summer travel destination full of beauty and oozing a chill, relaxing vibe. But Stowe is one of those charming New England mountain towns that also offers lots of choices for things to do. It’s a picture-perfect village, offering easy Vermont style in a commanding mountain setting with a wonderful charisma that makes you want to linger just a little longer.

It offers an array of locally owned shops and restaurants to tempt you. Here are a few things to do…and a place or two to relax and enjoy your visit.

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The Genesis of Gen X Travel Club – Part 1 of 2: When Gen X was YOLO

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A frequent question is how did Gen X Travel Club start. It was initally born from a love of travel and turning the saying, "love what you do" into action.

People I know would often comment that I might as well start a travel company with all of the travel planning I do, trips I go on, and my passion for quality, thoughtful travel.  And, they loved the concept of small group vacations, non-touristy travel.

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Active Tourism and how I accidentally learned to love it

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My lesson was nearly 20 years ago when I learned (by accident really) that my favorite trips are those where I spend time ‘lost in the woods’. At that time, I lived in Florida not far from my brother, and my Mother lived in Pennsylvania. One summer the three of us had agreed to drive and meet half-way in the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC. We rented a small cabin about 10 minutes outside the charming village of Blowing Rock. And there began the eye-opening adventure on Grandfather Mountain and my new appreciation of active tourism and adventure travel.

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Uncover The Quintessential Beauty Of Mexico City

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Mexico City continues to be one of the most popular destinations across the globe. It is the capital of the country which lies at an altitude of more than 2200 meters in the Anahuac Valley being surrounded by mighty mountain ranges. The location of the city is breathtaking. Its magnificent snow covered volcanoes, Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, tower just above 5000 meters. This city has numerous splendid Baroque churches as well as palaces that were being built during the early colonial period. It is truly a must visit destination for history lovers.

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Super-Size Your Quality Time with Friends & Family – Go on a Trip!

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It seems everyone is looking to spend quality time with friends and family. We tend to be overwhelmed with daily responsibilities of work, errands and such. And little time left over to spend with people we care about. The most popular means to achieve quality time is to meet over a meal – “let’s meet for brunch, lunch or dinner.” But not many think to look to travel as a way to spend quality time. But you should because it’s by far the best quality time event!

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Morocco – Random, but top-of-mind observations about our time there

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Our recent trip to the Kingdom of Morocco in Sept/Oct 2017 revealed there's a lot more to this north African county than one might think - amazing geographic diversity; incredibly friendly people; intruiging, rich culture; and delicious local food & drinks. What an experience to have explored all this in a single ten-day trip! 

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Best Bank & Credit Cards to Avoid Annoying Foreign Transaction Fees

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So you’re back from your international travel. You’re perusing through your bank and credit card statements. You see your purchases listed, and after each one there is a debit in the amount of 1% to 3% of the total amount of cash that was withdrawn. And in addition, you notice your bank tacked on a flat fee of $2-5 per transaction. Not a big deal if you do one ATM transaction or buy one or two items. But beyond that, foreign transaction & withdrawal fees can really add up! 

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