A Walk In the Desert


When the sign says “Caution, Scorpions and Rattle Snakes” its best to pay attention.

Earlier this year I pulled off the highway and found a side road that went back into the hills, and when I parked along the side of the road, with a bottle of water in my hands and the pleasure of the blue sky in my eyes…I noticed that Arizona State sign posted on a foot path heading up the hill.

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Getting to know Stowe, Vermont


Stowe, Vermont, was the location for our yoga retreat last August. We discovered that Stowe is one of those charming New England towns packed full of things to do. It’s a picture-perfect village, offering easy Vermont style in a commanding mountain setting.

There’s a wonderful charisma about this village that makes you want to linger just a little longer. It offers an array of locally owned shops and restaurants to tempt you.

Here are a few things to do…and a place or two to relax and enjoy your visit.

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Gen X Travel Club Membership

Many of you have traveled with us to the far ends of the earth...Iceland, Greece, about frequent flier miles! Now Gen X Travel Club is pleased to announce that we have created two different membership levels for you. 

The first is the Standard membership which is intended to keep you informed of where Gen X Travel is looking to go and to create a relationship connection for you and your friends. This is a first-step membership that works well for those who want to see what's going on, but may not be positioned to jump on the plane on a moment’s notice.

To secure your Standard membership - no action is required beyond providing your name and email address. This membership entitles you to receive notifications of new trip announcements via email (instead of having to check the website).

The second is our Full membership for those who want to get early info on our planned outings and trips so that they can get themselves and their friends on the list for the trips we are flying off to. The Full member's cadre is a program that helps to ensure that the friendships you have developed continue to grow and you have the best shot at securing trip status.

Full membership, in addition to your name and email, requires completion of a membership questionnaire. Being a Full member entitles you to advanced email trip notifications one-week ahead of posting (to know about trips before the official trip announcement) and express trip registration.

Ready to join? Great...Let's do it

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