Uncover The Quintessential Beauty Of Mexico City

Uncover The Quintessential Beauty Of Mexico City

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Mexico City continues to be one of the most popular destinations across the globe. It is the capital of the country which lies at an altitude of more than 2200 meters in the Anahuac Valley being surrounded by mighty mountain ranges. The location of the city is breathtaking. Its magnificent snow covered volcanoes, Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, tower just above 5000 meters. This city has numerous splendid Baroque churches as well as palaces that were being built during the early colonial period. It is truly a must visit destination for history lovers.

 Here are some beautiful vacation spots in Mexico City which are not to be missed

Zocalo: The birthplace of Mexico’s Constitution

Zocalo is the beating heart of this city where the country’s first constitution was proclaimed in the year 1813. This place is the perfect place to start your trip in this historic city.

Natural Museum Anthropology

This is a one of a kind place. This city, which lies in the Chapultepec Park, is known for the Aztec Calendar with solar God, Tonatiuh, in the center. This museum was built in 1964 and is a great example of contemporary architecture, also being famous for the magnificent displays of old Indian art treasures, in the Central Patio.

Take a Look at the Artwork of Frida Kahlo

Located in the Coyoacan district, it is one of the most popular museums of Mexico City. It is also known as the Casa Azul, or blue house which is been named after the color of the walls. Here you can find the display of personal objects such as photographs, and artwork by both Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera which gives a deep understanding of their lives and art.

Frido Museum Mexico City

Fashionable Condesa and Bohemian Roma

This city is comprised of various districts where you will find people of different communities. Here you will see various areas where the young artists, writers, and hipsters with the latest trends live.

In this clean and modern Condesa City, there is an array of beautiful architecture and designer boutiques. Here you get to explore a collection of independent museums and little art galleries, as well as many outdoor cafes and specialty shops.

Metropolitan Cathedral

This is one of the oldest and largest churches located in The Western Hemisphere. It is built atop part of the old Aztec temple which is built with massive basalt and gray sandstone. In this cathedral, you can see various styles with some particular highlights that are richly carved.

National Palace

Located on the east side of Mexico City’s main square, Zocalo is an immense national palace built of reddish tezontle stone. This is the oldest building of Mexico City which is a must-see for any visit.

Mexico City National Palace

If you are planning to travel to Mexico City, then be sure to visit these destinations. They will make your trip most memorable. Discover the beauty of Mexico City. If you are interested in experiencing such an adventure, contact us!

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