Why Gen X

Why Gen X

Why travel with Gen X Travel Club?

We understand that you are unimpressed with the standard, ordinary travel offerings out there. And that you want something different.

We understand that as a Gen Xer, in your older and wiser age, you tend to be more selective about where and how you travel. We know you are unimpressed with the standard, ordinary travel options out there and want something different. That's why we offer high-quality, non-touristy trips and only travel with small groups of other like-minded fun, adventurous Gen Xers like yourself.

We here at Gen X Travel Club are Gen Xers ourselves who love to travel and are always excited to experience different cultures and places.We want super cool trips with intriguing destinations, imaginative itineraries, authentic experiences and interesting activities & sights. We prefer to travel with other fun, like-minded Gen Xers (rather than anyone & everyone from college to the elderly who have different interests and needs). Meeting new friends and having new travel pals sounds absolutely great!

We know that many Gen Xers feel the same way and are looking for this kind of travel experience. If you are one of these Gen Xers, this is why you should travel with Gen X Travel Club. Because this type of travel is exactly what we offer and what we excel at!

We provide high-quality trips and thoughtful service on every level - for Gen X travelers only*, differentiating us from your other travel options.

[*We use the term "Gen X" very loosely. We simply want to bring together folks in the same general age bracket - early 30s to early 60s - who love to travel. To us, Gen X is an age bracket representing our generation, but it's also a mind set!]

We offer high-quality, full-service travel so you can just sit back, relax & enjoy fantastic, stress-free trips. Our thoughtful and detailed oriented trip planning creates an amazing, memorable experience and ensures smooth, carefree travel. Trips are well-thought out from the obvious details to the smallest, less noticeable considerations.

There are lots of places to see and it’s a big world to cover. So we start by sifting through all the potential destinations and selecting inspiring, intriguing, interesting locales. Then we ensure every detail is taken care of:

 We make sure that all transportation services are reliable, safe & comfortable.

  • We stay at highly-rated, high-quality independently owned hotels that are comfy, relaxing, centrally-located and exude the character of the place we are visiting.
  • We visit great local restaurants that cook up authentic regional cuisine.
  • With our own expertise along with hand-picked knowledgeable local experts, we develop a unique itinerary. Our local contacts give us the scoop on the best their destination has to offer mixing up must-see activities & sites along with other unique sightseeing opportunities only the locals know.
  • We use the best local guides who are not only informative, but also exceptionally fun & friendly focused on providing a personal experience that feels like you are visiting a friend rather than being a general visitor.

We are all about the details which translates into a remarkable customer experience for you! But we also take care to ensure free time to do your own thing and ample flexibility for on-the-fly spontaneous adventures. Our focus is our group. We sincerely care about our Gen Xers and their travel experiences. We love creating our trips and take pride in Our small groups also have the comfort and peace of mind of a designated Gen X Travel Club Trip Leader on each and every trip! Lastly, we take our high-quality trips and thoughtful service and mix in fun, adventurous Gen Xers from all over the world who love to travel too! The result: fantastic, unforgettable adventures full of smiles, laughter... and new travel pals! We invite you to go on a trip with us & see for yourself! our group's enjoyment of our customized trips designed with the Gen Xer in mind!