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Small Group Travel

Small group travel is what we do and love. Our passion, dedication, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail comprise the foundation that allows us to offer the best small group tours.

Traveling with the usual travel tour groups in large groups counting in the 20s or even 30s in terms of people on a big bus is not our idea of a fun vacation. It’s difficult to really experience and enjoy a destination when you spend a large chunk of your time dealing with the logistics and limitations of a large group.  Waiting for everyone to get on and off the bus, go to the bathroom, finish eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, and be ready to go after any particular sightseeing event, can really be a drag. With small group trips you skip all that unappealing nonsense and gain important advantages.


First, it’s a lot more economical to travel with a small group of people rather than on your own. Prices really drop when you split the cost with other travel companions, and at the same time, the quality of the trip increases. With small group vacations, you get to do additional activities that you may have passed on if traveling by yourself because the cost was too prohibited. For example, having a private driver and vehicle, using the services of a private guide, chartering your own sailboat or plane, hot air balloon ride – all of these experiences can be out of reach when just traveling on our own as a single person or couple, but not with small group travel.


Not only do small group trips bring travel costs into the reasonable realm, it’s much more fun to have other travel companions to enjoy & share your experiences with. Traveling with a group of friends (current or new/soon-to-be) always means more good times, laughs and smiles! From simple conversations while driving to sharing the experiences of a beautiful vista, challenging hike, unique sightseeing, delicious local food, or story-telling over drinks. The camaraderie of can’t be beat. Ask anyone who has been on one of our small group vacations and they’ll tell you first-hand how awesome it is! They’ll go on and on about how much fun they had and the fabulous new friends they made. Many travel companions start as strangers, but end up as long-term friendships.


With small group trips, there’s no work involved for you. We all know that travel planning is a time-suck that can end up being a second job. Even during a trip, planning and execution continues to be hard work that takes valuable time away from you enjoying your vacation. You can totally lose the hassle, heartache and stress of doing it yourself by opting for small group travel. And all the research and planning is in the hands of professionals with the subject matter expertise to do a great job – better than you with your limited time and knowledge about the destination.

Join us for one of our upcoming trips or book a custom vacation and see for yourself that we are not like the usual travel tour groups. In fact, we offer the best small group tours!