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International Travel

Our trips take you to places all over the world from cities to the countryside and to the mountains and coasts. The destinations and itineraries reflect international travel packages that are thoughtfully designed to provide unique, non-touristy experiences. Many other international tour companies offer trips around the globe, but take you on the same well-worn tourist circuit that everyone goes on.

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We put a lot of careful thought into where we go. While we do some “touristy” sightseeing, particularly as first-time visitors, we’ll do so because it is indeed important - not-to-miss sights with natural beauty, historical, architectural or cultural importance. For example, in China we may visit the Great Wall, in India we would visit the Taj Mahal, or see Machu Picchu in Peru and Petra in Jordan. Similar to if foreign visitors came to the U.S. on their own international tour packages – they would visit popular, “touristy” sights such as the Grand Canyon, but obviously an incredible, important natural attraction.

And the focus of most other international travel packages tend to be on cheap prices - low-cost international travel deals rather than on a great experience. And while we of course offer reasonably priced trips, our emphasis is not inexpensive/discount travel because this typically means noticeably sacrificing quality. And when you finally go on an international vacation, the last thing you want to do is to cut corners so much that you take away from the adventures you are traveling in the first place to experience.

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On Gen X trips, we travel in small groups, which go a long way in enabling high quality trips. Traveling with a limited number of fellow Gen Xers allows us to be flexible and spontaneous and see and do things that big groups can’t for logistical reasons. The typical international tour packages mean traveling in large groups of other tourists on a big tour bus. This means you’ll likely be staying in one of the non-descript big chain hotels that cater to volumes of tourists, with their impersonal, busy feel.  We get to enjoy smaller, independently owed hotels brimming with character, personal attention & relaxation – a true respite after full days of being out and about exploring. Also, with other international trips packages, you’ll find yourself eating at the heavily visited tourist restaurants with an assembly line feel that don’t have particularly good food, but they can accommodate busloads of people. We, on other hand, don’t have these concerns of having to only go to places because they can accommodate our group size. We patronize smaller local restaurants popular with the residents who live there because the food is delicious.

When you’re looking into international tour companies to travel with, check us out. You’ll love exploring the world with us and the thoughtful destinations, itineraries, and personal attention to come with it!