Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Interested in joining our team as a Trip Leader, Trip Planner or Meetup Organizer? Read on! Earn credit for free/discounted trips.

Trip Leaders

Simply put, here at Gen X Travel Club we're looking for active people who love to travel, are real people-people...and who will really enjoy getting to know our guests and making them happy. We recognize that not everyone is going to be exactly alike, or have all the same qualities—hey, that would be boring!

We prioritize an awesome, supportive work culture with great team members who are like family. You can be sure that we will appreciate the unique skills and personalities you bring to the team. So, what are we looking for in a Trip Leader? Well, we value team players who are approachable, genuine, quick-thinking, hardworking, friendly and ...well...just like us, even more so.

Take a quick look at the questions below. If you find yourself answering yes to all or most of them then the time to apply was yesterday!

  • Do you see the glass as half-full?
  • Do you have good social skills; and do you enjoy talking with people?
  • Are you patient, caring, empthetic, warm and friendly?
  • Are you a grateful person with a zest for life?
  • Are you confident in yourself, mature and genuine?
  • Can you think on your feet?
  • Do you have a variety of interesting life experiences that our guests would be curious to discover?
  • Can you be dynamic and genuinely enthusiastic in a way that motivates others and makes them smile?
  • Do you have in-depth knowledge of any of our regional destinations?
  • Are you attracted to cultural activities—art, the outdoors, natural and cultural history, food and wine, or other expertise?
  • Are you a problem solver with a natural grasp of logistics?
  • Are you sharp and resourceful?

Life is short—let's do this!


Trip Planners

Trip Planners work behind the scenes, in tandem with Trip Leaders, to prepare each trip for a successful departure. This is a non-guest facing role focused on preparing resources and equipment for trips. TPSs do not work "on trip" but are key field staff who are critical to the success of trip operations. The position requires someone with a systematic and methodic approach, impeccable self-sufficiency, great attention to inventory detail, has great organization skills and has desire to create a fun working environment.

Meetup Organizers / Co-Organizers

Plan monthly local outings such as happy hours, lunch/brunch gatherings, museum visits, hiking trips, winery tours, and any other area sightseeing opportunities you are interested in. Get out & involved - do fun things and mingle with our growing travel club! Join one of our Meetups or start your own where you live!


Send us a Message and let us know how you'd like to be a part of our team!