Every trip we have attended is fantastic, and the trip to Norway was no exception. It was very well planned with lots of fun activities. The scenery was unbelievable and the Gen X travelers were so much fun. Every trip, we make new life long friends. We are looking forward to our next adventure with Gen X Travel Club.

-Terri & Mike

  Thank you, Gail, for planning such an amazing trip to Norway! This was my third GenX trip and everything was so well organized and the itinerary was a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. I love the concept of traveling with a small group for a more personal experience. The best part of the GenX trips are the people you meet and bond with. Everyone shares a passion for travel and we end the trips with so many great memories and new friends!

-Lynn C.

  Nepal is a culture I knew little about - Hindu/Buddhist/Newari. I can confidently say I have been educated, immersed an enamored with this country. Royal Mountain Adventures, Pushkar Aryal - our guide - and our ever present trip leader, Gail Carter, did a phenomenal job with organizing, executing and experiencing a journey into this country like no other. A lifetime of memories and laughs not soon forgotten. If you missed this, don't miss another one!

-Jim & Linda

  "My first trip with YOLO World Travel (GenX team) was amazing and absolutely one of the best trips I have ever taken. We went to Cuba and I had the best time. Everything was well organized with a great variety of activities planned for us, including our meals and lodging arrangements. I literally just had to send them my required documents and show up for the trip…. just how I like it! The staff was great both before, during, and after the trip! I really couldn’t have asked for a better vacation. I know for sure, this won’t be my last trip booked with YOLO. Thanks again!"

-Jacqueline M.

  "This is my second trip with Gail and the Gen X bunch, and it did not disappoint. What an amazing trip. The itinerary was very diverse and provided a well-rounded adventure. It will be a trip we will remember for a lifetime."

-Kruse T

  "This is my 3rd winter getaway with YOLO and they just keep getting better. Anegada may be the most beautiful of the 3 islands we’ve visited. What seems like a never-ending beach is filled with gorgeous ocean colors, white sand, and amazing corral and underwater creatures. Evening meals were great fun, experienced with locals who know how to party and make visitors feel right at home. Thanks to YOLO, I have now visited 3 places I would never have known existed. If I can ever figure out how to organize a trip the way Gail does, I would love to go back Anegada."

-Augie D.

  "Thank you so much for planning this incredible trip for us. I know you put a lot of hours into the research and planning and you didn't miss a thing. It was the perfect amount of hiking and other activities combined with some relaxation at the end. I loved our group and haven't laughed that much in years. I seriously have told my vacation story to at least 18 people since I've been home and they all want to know where I found this great travel group."

-Lynn C

  "THANK YOU for creating such a great experience for all of us. I’m not sure I could have found a better fit for what I wanted out of this trip and the new connections I’ve made. I’m so grateful for all the hard work and patience you put into this adventure. It’s much appreciated by all of us. I miss my new Cuba family. You really went above and beyond on the Cuban adventure. And I couldn’t agree with you more about the best thing about travellling is the time you get to spend with the people you go with and the people you meet along the way!"

-Ginny S

  "Our Nicaragua trip was the trip of a lifetime. Lisa and our local guide Juan put together such a great itinerary and we all had an amazing experience. The group was awesome - we all really bonded, got along well, and made lots of new BFFs. The scenery was breathtaking and the food was incredible. I love GenX trips for the people, the places and the experience."

-Rori F.

  "Thanks again for the great trip. I know you invested a lot of thought and energy into the itinerary and I couldn’t imagine a better one. We saw and did so much in one week! It was so great to have got to know the folks on the trip. I couldn’t have asked for better traveling companions. Lots of laughs!"

-Elizabeth B.

  "Booking a trip with Gail was one of the best decisions I have made in a while. Travel has never been so easy. Gail researched the location well, prepared a detailed brief, helped us connect with each other before the trip, and sent packing tips in the lead up to the trip! Gail embraced all as close friends which brought a wonderful sense of camaraderie to the group. Now if only I had the time and funds to do this more often..."

-Beth K

  "Cuba was awesome, beautiful, crazy, bass-ackwards (lack of toilet seats, TP, and water pressure to refill the tank), delicious, entertaining. And on and on. It was the friendliest country I have every visited; everybody -- even scam guys in the street -- were proud of their country, but curious about the visitors thoughts, and interested in finding out what "we" (the US) thought about their future. I gave some flowers to a little girl who had been sick at one of the houses where we stayed; she was so pleased, she tried to give me a peso, and when I told her, no, these are for you, and I hope you feel better, the smile was amazing."
"I do really hope they can keep some of the great 'everybody is equa' feeling as they move into a world where there is more differentiation between haves and have nots."


  "It was a fantastic trip. Gail did a super job in leading the group and Roger of Cuban Adventures was a knowledgeable, fun and dedicated guide. Cuba is wonderful and we enjoyed a lot in the course of a week. I would recommend it highly."

-Karla Y.

  "This was my first international trip with the group, and it was great in every way. From the very beginning the itinerary was clear, and the financial expectations were reasonable. There were no glitches or surprises; all was exactly as advertised, or better. Our guides through Nicaragua were knowledgeable and friendly. We were never faced with a situation that we had to deal with alone or be without an interpreter or advocate. Every aspect of the trip was carefully planned and articulated via thorough communication. In addition to all of the logistics being on point, the travel group itself was a lot of fun. The members of the group shared a love of adventure, and even though we began the trip as relative strangers, we ended the trip as friends. We had a world class experience through a third world country, and I would highly recommend this type of vacation for anyone who also is adventurous and adaptable."

-Jen P

  "This is my second trip with Gail and the Gen X bunch, and it did not disappoint. What an amazing trip. The itinerary was very diverse and provided a well-rounded adventure. It will be a trip we will remember for a lifetime."

-Terri and Mike

  "My husband and I participated in both the Puerto Rico and Nicaragua trips and thoroughly enjoyed both excursions. It's obvious that Lisa puts a lot of care and thought in planning meaningful and engaging activities for the group. We loved both experiences and, most importantly, met wonderful people who are now great friends! This experience has changed the way we plan our vacations and we eagerly look forward to traveling with this group again in the future."

-Susan & Art K.

  "Gail, thank you for organizing the trip and for being our “den mother”. You’re thoughtfulness, patience and hospitality made the trip something special – something I’ll always remember. I’m settled back into work and already losing my tan I’d much rather be snorkeling or exploring a warm sunny location."

-Steve J.

  "Thanks again for all of the work you put into this trip! It was fantastic."

-Melissa B.

  "What an epic adventure! There simply are no words for how much fun I had."

-Lynda W.

  "The trip was really fun! Thanks for planning it!"

-Kelly K.