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40th Birthday Trips

Is your 40th birthday coming up? Do you have a good friend or a family member who is getting ready to turn the big 4-0? Looking for the perfect way to make this special day truly special and memorable for the birthday honoree? Look no further, we can help you plan the best 40th birthday vacation ever! We have all kinds of fabulous 40th birthday getaway ideas! We specialize in small group trips!

When you hit the big 4-0, it tends to not only be a time for celebration but also reflection with your younger days behind you and an undeniable shift to being older. This can tend to bring on anxiety producing thoughts that revolve around what you have/have not accomplished now that you’re at what many consider to be the halfway point (where quality of life – physically & mentally – is strong enough to do whatever you want).

While its actually good to reflect on everything and quite normal, most 40-year olds come to the conclusion that the 40th birthday is the sweet spot of their life! As the French poet/playwright/author Victor Hugo once said, “"Forty is the old age of youth.” After 40 years on the planet, it’s the time to appreciate all that you have and all that you’ve done and to celebrate these experiences. And to get excited about working on other goals on your bucket list!

When you hit 40 years old, you’ve undoubtedly earned a unique, highly-upgraded birthday celebration different from the usual go to dinner with friends type of affairs! 40th birthday vacations are the ideal, unforgettable way to mark this meaningful, important milestone!

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We Love Planning 40th Birthday Trips!

When planning 40th birthday getaways, one of the very first tasks is coming up with some great 40th birthday trip ideas. Trying to identify best destinations and activities for the birthday honoree can be a bit daunting as the options can seem endless. Based on your guidance, we’ll help you narrow down the choices to those that are the ideal fit for the birthday person that matches their personality and interests such as active pursuits, wellness activities, lounging & relaxing, arts/cultural/historical sightseeing, and foodie excursions.

Once we’ve turned the 40th birthday vacation ideas into a final plan, we’ll make it happen. We are very thoughtful and detail-oriented in our planning. We use highly-regarded and highly-rated companies at the destination who understand the extra special nature of the 40th birthday trips. They provide high-quality services and personal attention that noticeably are above and beyond the usual travel experiences.

And a bonus, we combine all that special attention and thoughfulness with our usual awesome trip philosophy. That is, only cool, non-touristy, unique trips allowed that follow principles of responsible travel.

We are big supporters of responsible travel aka sustainable travel so we use local businesses that follow these principles to minimize our impact on the local communities and the environment. We don’t go with the big international conglomerates. Instead we work with local, independent businesses - accommodations, transportation, and guides - to ensure the money you spend stays in the local community.

During our planning process, we are constantly thinking about ways – big and small – to make 40th birthday getaways unforgettable and to maximize the number of times we can make the birthday honoree and guests smile and laugh. We truly care about our trippers and their experience and are very thoughtful and creative in designing and executing trips.

Contact us to begin your 40th birthday trip planning! We are ready to make the special occasion a birthday to remember!