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50th Birthday Trips

A big 50th birthday coming up? Looking for an extra special way to celebrate this extra special birthday? We can help with 50th birthday vacations including 50th birthday getaway ideas! We specialize in small group trips

Turning 50 years old – Time to really celebrate!

Make no mistake about it. Marking the accomplishment of a half a century of life with all the successes, struggles, good times and bad, is a momentous milestone to celebrate. Turning the big 5-0 is the time to ratchet up the birthday celebration. The birthday person deserves the best of all birthday celebrations for this one - a 50th birthday vacation with close friends/family to their dream destination!

50th birthday trips are one of the most awesome ways to make birthdays as memorable and as special as possible. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the honoree’s big birthday, but also their life – their half-century on the planet! Spending lots of amazing quality time with loved ones on a 50th birthday vacation is invaluable. The birthday person can celebrate their 50th year of life reflecting back & reminiscing on that time with loved ones whom they share many of the memories of past years with. And lets not forget all of the new, unforgettable experiences created on the 50th birthday getaway!

Even for those turning 50 who are in denial mode and see the milestone as negative thing. Reflected in comments such as saying they don’t want to be reminded and certainly don’t want to bring more attention to their older age by celebrating it. But we all know that a 50th birthday getaway to honor the big day always will be cherished and looked back on very fondly with great appreciation and a big smile… and probably outright laughter thinking about all the good times.

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How We Can Help You Plan the Perfect 50th Birthday Trip!

A big part of creating a memorable trip is the location. And we can help with 50th birthday trip ideas for destinations as well as things to do and places to visit once there. Trying to identify the perfect destinations and activities for the birthday honoree can seem a bit overwhelming with tons of great options to choose from. We’ll listen to your critical input on the kind of location the birthday honoree would love (e.g., Caribbean beach, exotic adventure, European city vacation) and the type of itinerary to plan (e.g., active vs rest/relax), as well as every other detail of the trip.

With the brainstorming and discussion of 50th birthday vacation ideas behind us, we’ll provide you with the final agreed upon itinerary & make it happen. We are very thoughtful and detail-oriented in our planning. We use highly-regarded and highly-rated companies at the destination who understand the extra special nature of milestone birthdays, notably 50th birthday trips. They provide high-quality services and personal attention that clearly are above and beyond the usual travel experiences.

And a bonus, we combine all that special attention and thoughfulness with our usual awesome trip philosophy. That is, only cool, non-touristy, unique trips allowed that follow principles of responsible travel.

We are big supporters of responsible travel aka sustainable travel so we use local businesses that follow these principles. This ensures that we minimize our impact on the local communities and the environment without sacrificing any of the fun and adventure! We don’t go with the big international conglomerates. Instead we work with local, independent businesses - accommodations, transportation, and guides - to ensure the money you spend stays in the local communities we visit.

During our planning process, we are constantly thinking about ways – big and small – to make 50th birthday getaways unforgettable and to maximize the number of times we can make the birthday honoree and guests smile and laugh!

Contact us to start your 50th birthday trip planning and to get 50th birthday vacation ideas!