Honeymoon Trips

Honeymoon Trips

Once wedding plans are finally taken care of, you’ll likely start to focus on another, arguably more fun, event planning effort – you’re honeymoon! However, you’re probably going to be experiencing planning fatigue at this point. This is where we can help. Just tell us what you’re looking for – from pure rest & relaxation to lots of adventure and anywhere in between, and we’ll do all the work! We’ll save you precious time & energy from having to do the tons of international travel research and trip planning necessary to ensure a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime, romantic honeymoon vacation.

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Ironically, in many instances, weddings tend to somehow become more about others – hosting and starring in the perfect marriage celebration for your many guests – your family and closest friends. When your honeymoon rolls around, it’s truly time for it to be about just you two. Your honeymoon is likely the first opportunity to enjoy spending quality time together. Gen X Travel can help you plan a honeymoon vacation that is personal and where yes, for the first time, the world revolves around you!

Figuring out where to go for your honeymoon can seem to be a bit overwhelming, particularly after coming off of all the time-intensive wedding planning effort you just endured. There are so many amazing places to visit in the world for that perfect trip. And once you decide on a travel destination, there are even more seemingly endless options to make regarding what do and see and where to stay. We can help you narrow down the choices to make the honeymoon decision-making manageable and even fun!

Our specialty is offering non-touristy international trips that are different than the standard vacation options. Our recommendations involve more off-the-beaten track type of destinations whether that’s a beach/island or a locale focused on unique cultural opportunities or active pursuits. We’ll listen to what you’re looking for and help you find the best escape that fits your style, but gets away from the usual honeymoon experiences of most others. We do offer trips to some of the more tried and true locations, as long as it’s indeed a special place to visit, it will be on our list to consider. And in these instances, we’ll find ways (accommodations & activities) to incorporate experiences that are less touristy/crowded. Having your honeymoon at a new destination with new experiences is a great compliment to starting your new life together. And there is something romantic about an off-the-beaten path, lesser-known adventure!

Gen X Travel also focuses on sustainable, responsible travel. This ensures a positive impact economically, environmentally and socially on the places visited - because many times, it’s not. We love planning awesome trips, but we also want to travel in a responsible way, respectful way to the local communities as well to the planet. Traveling this way also helps curb challenges with overtourism. There are many very cool, yet less obvious, under-touristed destinations and experiences out there in the world to discover.

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