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Summer Travel

We actually don’t do a lot of summer travel. The reason being that summertime is popular for vacations since kids are out of school and so most families are traveling. And of course, popular means busy, crowded summer travel destinations with strained availability for hotels, tours, transportation and all aspects related to going on a vacation. And visiting during high-demand, peak summer season is noticeably more expensive than traveling other times of the year when school is in session. High prices include airfare, which is significantly higher in the summer. So, we try to stick with the shoulder season and generally not visit popular travel destinations during school breaks, i.e., winter/holiday, spring and summer breaks.

There are exceptions to our avoidance of summer trips. Sometimes there are true summer travel destinations that really should be visited in the summer. For example, Iceland, Norway or Canada where being able to access many areas and partake in activities like hiking, sailing or kayaking require warm weather.

One other reason you may find us doing a trip to a summer travel destination is when we do custom trips or organizing a small group family vacation ourselves.