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Winter Travel

Looking for a winter weekend getaway to warm beach destination?

You’ve come to the right place! One of our specialties is the long weekend winter getaway. Every year in January and February, we offer short trips to get away from the wintery weather and cold temperatures that most of us contend with during that time of year.

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Going on a quick trip to escape winter weather is easier said then done.  Figuring out winter travel destinations is tricky because for many of us, we really need to travel a good distance to reach warm, sunny weather where you can be walking sandy beaches barefooted in your swimsuit. And then to find a destination that isn’t an all-inclusive, touristy, heavily visited beach town is yet another challenge. But, you’re in luck because we have a lot of experience finding beach/island vacations to cool, fun, non-touristy places!

Our winter travel destinations our chosen thoughtfully with your experience in mind. We strive to find a location that is not only warm but also truly relaxing, interesting to visit and a bit more off the beaten track. And of course, somewhere relatively nearby that geographically and logistically is conducive to a long winter weekend getaway.