YOLO World Travel

YOLO World Travel is now Gen X Travel Club!

But don't worry, we still offer the same non-touristy, high-quality small group trips you've come to know and love!

Why the change?

We started YOLO World Travel in 2010 and since then, we've built up a steady following of travelers who appreciate the thoughtful, cool trips we put together to amazing destinations around the world.

But we've also learned that our travelers love it even more when they get to travel with others in their general age bracket. As opposed to being on a trip with a wider variety of people - running the gamut from college students to older retirees and all in between - who have a wide variety of interests, mobility/active level, preferred travel styles, and life experiences. Enter, Gen X Travel Club! (Gen Y & Boomer Travel Clubs in the works!)

We do Private Group Trips! We're here to take care of the trip planning for your special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary or just a get-away with friends or family. Learn more >


Gen-X Travel Club specializes in non-touristy, responsible, small group trips for travelers in their 30s, 40s, 50s and early 60s to destinations all over the world!
We understand that you are unimpressed with the standard, ordinary travel offerings out there. And that you want something different. That's why we offer high-quality, non-touristy trips and travel responsibly with only small groups of other like-minded & fun Gen Xers like yourself.

Non-Touristy & High-Quality. We are all about thoughtful itineraries to intriguing destinations, as opposed to vacations to the same old touristy spots with the same tour program.

Responsible Travel. We travel in a small posse staying at independently-operated accommodations, eating at locally-owned restaurants, and using local guides and transportation services.

Gen X. We simply want to bring together folks in the same general age bracket who like to travel and have a similar adventurous mindset, fun-loving/kind spirit, and high-quality trip philosophy.