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Meetup Locally

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Baltimore, MD | Kansas City, MO  Naples-Bonita Springs-Ft Myers, FL Nashville, TN Southern CA (LA) Washington, DC  

Attend one of our meetups! More info below on what our meetups are all about. 

At the moment, we have meetups in the above locations. Click on a link to go to the meetup page & to join. 

Join us at one of our meetup events and meet cool Gen Xers like yourself who also love to travel. A priceless opportunity to hang out with like-minded peeps including new travel buddies & new friends! Learn more about our trips & how we travel. Meet trip leaders and some of the regulars who travel with us. A great way to get to know us!


Our Meetup Group Locations

If you in the Washington DC/Baltimore metro area, Nashville, Southwest Florida area or Southern California/Greater LA area, come to one of our meetups! Read on to learn more. Click on the link under each location below to go to that meetup group page and to join.

Questions? Email us or give us a call!  SUPPORT AT GENXTRAVEL.COM   (202) 507-9656



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Our Baltimore meetup group is for Gen X'ers who live in Charm City and surrounding areas. We are lucky to have a fun, friendly contingent of peeps who come to our meetup events. There are regulars who now join us at monthly meetups pretty consistently as they've now gotten to the point where initial strangers are now friends & travel buddies. And every month, we have new Gen Xers who come out and are rewarding with good times and new peeps!

Our meetup members represent just about every Baltimore neighborhood including Fells Point & Federal Hill, Patterson Park & Canton to the south and to Hampden/Remington/Roland Park to north and all in between & around! Meetup members also live in the County (Catonsville to Parkville) as well as  in the Towson, Hunt Valley & Monkton direction, the White Marsh & Bel Air region, as well as Carrol, Howard & Anne Arundel Counties! We have a lot of folks who joined both the Baltimore AND Washington DC meetup groups - and attend all our super fun outings!

Click on the link to go to our Baltimore meetup group page. This is where you can join the group, see our upcoming meetups, and start RSVPing to join us for events! Contact us for any questions.



Kansas city meetup website

Our Kansas City, MO meetup group is for Gen X'ers who live in Kansas City and surrounding areas. Kansas City, known for great bbq and jazz music, is the largest city in the state and the sixth largest city in the Midwest with lots of fun loving Gen Xers like yourself who want to hang with like-minded peeps who want to travel and just be active and out & about.

Our meetup members are from all over the city including River Market, Westside, Country Club Plaza, Westport, and Brookside neighborhoods.  Meetup members also live in the urban and suburbaban communities of Kansas City on both sides of the river.  

Click on the link to go to our Kansas City meetup group page. This is where you can join the group, see our upcoming meetups, and start RSVPing to join us for events! Contact us for any questions.


SOUTHWEST FLORIDA (Naples-Bonita Springs-Ft Myers, FL)

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Our Southwest Florida (SW FL) group is based out of the Naples/Bonita Springs/Ft Myers area. And with a great location along the Gulf of Mexico, these guys do all kinds of fantastic, scenic outings from simple waterfront happy hour/lunch/brunch outings to scenic active pursuits such as kayaking, boating and tubing. And there are lots of cool local sightseeing hangouts such as Marco Island, the Everglades, Sanibel Island and Siesta Key. Sometimes the group heads out for day trips for extra quality time hanging with fun peeps!

It's not always easy meeting other Gen X'ers particularly in a larger, spread out area like our SW FL location represents. Our meetup outings are a fabulous way to meet friends - to hang locally with and travel with internationally! If you live in the area, join our meetup group and to a meetup event! You'll meet great new friends AND new travel buddies to go on trips together. Priceless!

Click on the link to go to our SW FL meetup group page. This is where you can join the group, see our upcoming meetups, and start RSVPing to join us for events! Contact us for any questions. 



Nashville meetup group for website

This is our newest group that's based in Nashville - Music City and the capital of the great state of Tennessee! But members also come from the surrounding metro region including Belle Meade, Berry Hill, Forest Hills, Goodlettsville, Oak Hill and Ridgetop. We're planning activities in and around the city from local sightseeing and bar/restaurant outings to active pursuits such as hiking. Sometimes you don't get out and enjoy your own hometown as much as you should, but now you'll have an excuse! Meet and hang out with your fellow cool Gen Xers who love to travel and be out and about locally!

Click on the link to go to our Baltimore meetup group page. This is where you can join the group, see our upcoming meetups, and start RSVPing to join us for events! Contact us for any questions.



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Our Southern California (SoCal) meetup group calls the greater Los Angeles area its home with Gen Xers from San Fernando, Santa Monica & Long Beach as well as Newport & Huntington Beaches. But activities and our members extend all the way to Palm Springs! There are outings to any number of the fantastic regional, scenic spots such as day/afternoon hikes & overnight camping in the surrounding national forests & parks and adventures off the coast such as whale watching. And there are laid-back events such as happy hours and festivals.

Gen Xers in the SoCal area find it even more awesome to be able to participate in this meetup group locale, since it's more of a sprawling, traffic-filled area that's not always conducive to meeting other similar-aged Gen Xer's who also love to travel, partake in active pursuits, and who overall are up for social outings with new friends!

Click on the link to go to our SoCal meetup group page. This is where you can join the group, see our upcoming meetups, and start RSVPing to join us for events! Contact us for any questions. 



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Our DC group is for Gen Xers (in their 30s, 40s, and 50s) who live in the greater Washington DC metro area and love to travel. Our meetups take place in DC and include local sightseeing to must/should see places. But we also head out of the city to do active pursuits in the surrounding mountain and beach areas.

Our DC location is one of our bigger meetup groups, which brings together Gen Xers from all 3 surrounding jurisdictions. Of course, we have many folks who live in the Nation's Capital itself. They're from every quadrant in the city from the Hill, H St NE, SW Waterfront/Navy Yard, NoMA/Chinatown, Dupont Circle, Woodley & Adams Morgan, to Columbia Heights & Petworth. There are members from Maryland just across the DC line and stretching all the way from Frederick to the north and La Plata to the south who join us for our monthly meetup outings. And their are regulars who come to our meetups & trips who live in Northern Virginia including close-in neighborhoods like Clarendon/Arlington, Rossyln & Alexandria to further out areas like Woodridge and Leesburg and beyond.

Our DC group is a very active, social meetup community. Everyone who comes out loves to travel and do & see things - locally and far-flung. And they're up for meeting other likeminded, cool travelers like themselves who like to go on trips and be out & about!

Click on the link to go to our Washington DC meetup group page. This is where you can join the group, see our upcoming meetups, and start RSVPing to join us for events! Contact us for any questions.

Meetups?  What in the heck is that?

"Meetup" refers to It's short-hand for the website as well as for an actual meetup event/outing. was inspired by the 9/11 attacks in 2001 and the way people in New York City came together. A sort of grassroots community-based website formed to use the Internet to make it easier for people to connect with others in their community. The site lets people find and join groups that match their interests. Any imaginable common interest such as sports activities (e.g, hiking, skiing), cars, gaming, books, movies, music, art, health, pets, careers... and travel! 

In some geographic areas where possible, we've established a Gen X Travel Club meetup group so you can find other Gen Xers in your own local area who have the same interest as you - going on trips! End result - now you have new, like-minded friends to hang and travel with! And not just any travel - super cool, non-touristy, responsible travel... with other fun, adventurous Gen Xers like yourself! Yes, please! 


Why we meetup

Because time & money are limited & other commitments take up your vacation time & budget (family, work travel etc), most folks can only go on a trip once or twice a year with us. The rest of the year, in between the trips we do, we offer monthly opportunities to get-together via our Gen X Travel Club meetup group. 
We do this because when you start to go on our trips, you begin to meet new friends who live in your local area. The monthly outings provide opportunities to stay in touch between trips with these new fun people you are meeting. They are a really great way to hang out with other Gen Xers where you live, get to know each other, and build friendships. And it gets you out & about doing fun things in your own community with other fun people like yourself!
For others, they start getting involved with Gen X Travel Club by just attending monthly get-togethers. They find it a good way to test the waters as it were - first commit to an afternoon outing or weekend outing before going all in on a big trip with people you don't know. 
Once this is confirmed & you inevitable want to hang out more with fun, like-minded Gen Xers who live near you, the monthly outings also become an excellent opportunity to meet other travelers before signing up for a trip. That way, you know who you want to be a roommate with. This really comes in handy since trip pricing is always based on double occupancy (i.e. sharing a room with someone). And most Gen Xers (at least in the beginning) sign up for trips on their own & need to be paired with a roomie. 

What we do at meetups

These casual monthly gatherings include all sorts of fun stuff such as checking out different local neighborhoods, visits to museums, gardens & other local cultural places of interest, brunch/lunch/happy hour outings, active activities like hiking & kayaking/paddleboardng, excursions to breweries/wineries/vineyards, and explorations to scenic, festive areas such as the beach/the Eastern Shore. There will always be something of interest and an activity that can accommdate your schedule. We meetup for a few hours to a few days - eat/drink outings, local sightseeing, nearby day trips and weekend getaways.   

Gen X Travel Club meetup locations

Remember, we have meetup groups in the following locations. If there isn't a group where you live & you're interested in starting one, please contact us