Meetup Locally

Meetup Locally

Attend a meetup & get to know fellow Gen X travelers.  Meetups?  What in the heck is that?

"Meetup" refers to It's short-hand for the website as well as for an actual meetup event/outing. was inspired by the 9/11 attacks in 2001 and the way people in New York City came together. A sort of grassroots community-based website formed to use the Internet to make it easier for people to connect with others in their community. The site lets people find and join groups that match their interests. Any imaginable common interest such as sports activities (e.g, hiking, skiing), cars, gaming, books, movies, music, art, health, pets, careers... and travel! 

In some geographic areas where possible, we've established a Gen X Travel Club meetup group so you can find other Gen Xers in your own local area who have the same interest as you - going on trips! End result - now you have new, like-minded friends to hang and travel with! And not just any travel - super cool, non-touristy, responsible travel... with other fun, adventurous Gen Xers like yourself! Yes, please! 


Why we meetup

Because time & money are limited & other commitments take up your vacation time & budget (family, work travel etc), most folks can only go on a trip once or twice a year with us. The rest of the year, in between the trips we do, we offer monthly opportunities to get-together via our Gen X Travel Club meetup group. 
We do this because when you start to go on our trips, you begin to meet new friends who live in your local area. The monthly outings provide opportunities to stay in touch between trips with these new fun people you are meeting. They are a really great way to hang out with other Gen Xers where you live, get to know each other, and build friendships. And it gets you out & about doing fun things in your own community with other fun people like yourself!
For others, they start getting involved with Gen X Travel Club by just attending monthly get-togethers. They find it a good way to test the waters as it were - first commit to an afternoon outing or weekend outing before going all in on a big trip with people you don't know. 
Once this is confirmed & you inevitable want to hang out more with fun, like-minded Gen Xers who live near you, the monthly outings also become an excellent opportunity to meet other travelers before signing up for a trip. That way, you know who you want to be a roommate with. This really comes in handy since trip pricing is always based on double occupancy (i.e. sharing a room with someone). And most Gen Xers (at least in the beginning) sign up for trips on their own & need to be paired with a roomie. 

What we do at meetups

These casual monthly gatherings include all sorts of fun stuff such as checking out different local neighborhoods, visits to museums, gardens & other local cultural places of interest, brunch/lunch/happy hour outings, active activities like hiking & kayaking/paddleboardng, excursions to breweries/wineries/vineyards, and explorations to scenic, festive areas such as the beach/the Eastern Shore. There will always be something of interest and an activity that can accommdate your schedule. We meetup for a few hours to a few days - eat/drink outings, local sightseeing, nearby day trips and weekend getaways. 


Gen X Travel Club meetup locations

We have meetup groups in the following locations. If there isn't a group where you live & you're interested in starting one, please contact us